Thursday, March 22, 2012

Deep Dark Secret (Secret McQueen #3) by Sierra Dean

Wow! How does she keep coming up with these ideas! There was so much going on in this book and you still feel there is so much more that needs to be revealed.

Secret has started her new position on the Tribunal and she's not liking it. She would much rather go on the hunt. So that's exactly what she does. Throw in some mating, a ring, and one hell of a palm reading and you get this great read.

I don't know how much more detail I want to go into. I can not do this series justice. At the end of the book Jules and I were trying to guess which way Sierra Dean would go next with Secret. We are so anxious to see where her palm read leads her and her marriage to boot. Wow, so many different directions I don't think I will ever tire of this series.
If you haven't picked it up yet do so today!

Happy Reading

I See Summer

As this beautiful weather fills our days we are quickly reminded that Summer is approaching. Hopefully, with the warm weather comes more frequent updates and reviews. Jules and I have had a freaky school year that has required all of our time. That should change soon!

Thanks for sticking with us! We look forward to many more reads together!

Happy Reading

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

Kiki's Rating 5 stars

The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy is not my normal cup of tea. Taking an adventure into the world of dominatrix put a shock to my prudery. But there was something more to this story that was so intriguing that not only could I not put the first book down, I immediately purchased the final two.

Miss Ana Steele was just doing her best friend and roommate a favor. She was interviewing the elusive Mr. Christian Grey, young billionare extrodinare, for the college editorial. Little did she know that short awkward meeting would change her life forever.

Mr. Christian Grey was just looking for his next submissive when along came innocent Ana Steele. As he envisioned all the games he would play with her he had no idea this beautiful temptress would challenge his controlling world and unravel, not only his heart, but his dark past as well.

This is obviously an erotic series and is for not for the faint of heart and is for adult eyes only. If you are somewhat a prude like myself you may read the entire series with a flush face and jaw dropped. It is definitely a shock to the system. But it wasn't the steamy scenes that made me love the book. It was the story behind Mr. Grey and his dark past. With everything to fear Ana pushed on unravelling the man of mystery.

If you're willing, I say take a chance!
Happy Reading

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Witchful Thinking by H.P. Mallory

2.5 to 3 stars

First off let's just say that if you have not read the Jolie series you will probably love this book. It is well written just as the others have been. But if you are a huge Mallory fan like us and have read and re-read all the books several times, then you will be disappointed. Long story short, this book was picked up by a publishing house mid series. Instead of backtracking and purchasing the previous books, this book rehashes what happened. Like we said, this is good if you are new to the series, but down right boring if you are not. The re-telling was done mainly through a diary that Jolie wrote. We both feel very strongly that the diary was not our favorite. We tended to skim them for important information then moved on. We also fealt that the rehashing could have ended much sooner. So much time was spent on Jolie considering what might have been that she lost something in the dynamics of her character. It wasn't until chapter 12 that the old, kick-butt Jolie returned. This is when the story, for us, truly begins.

Don't get us wrong, we didn't hate the book nor will this stop us from reading on in the series. We did love Sinjin and the delicious twist he adds to the series. The ending was awesome and still has us curious of what will come next. We loved the part where Rand finally gets his act together and makes a decison as it pertains to Jolie...but is it already too late? Love that twist!!

In the end let's just say the book was just a little too long in getting to the main point for us.

Happy Reading
Kiki & Jules

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter

Jules Rating: 5 Stars

      First off the cover art is stunning for this book, love it !!   If you have not read this series, please do, it is great. Paris is one of my favorite Lords and I'm so happy the book ended the way it did. I was surprised by the ending,  I can't wait for the next installment of the series.
  I'm really looking foward to Zacharel story in Wicked Nights due out in June.

The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld, #9)
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The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9)

Possessed by the demon of Promiscuity, immortal warrior Paris is irresistibly seductive-but his potent allure comes at a terrible price. Every night he must bed someone new, or weaken and die. And the woman he craves above all others is the one woman he'd thought was forever beyond his reach…until now.

Newly possessed by the demon of Wrath, Sienna Blackstone is racked by a ruthless need to punish those around her. Yet in Paris's arms, the vulnerable beauty finds soul-searing passion and incredible peace. Until a blood feud between ancient enemies heats up.

Will the battle against gods, angels and creatures of the night bind them eternally-or tear them apart?

Happy reading
~ Jules