Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases we can't wait to get our hands on :

Feb 28th:
  Witchful Thinking ( A Jolie Wilkins Novel) by H.P. Mallory
   The Darkest Seduction ( Lords of the Underworld) by Gena Showalter

March 6th:
  Deep Dark Secert (Secert McQueen, book 3) by Sierra Dean

April 24th:
  The Immortals Rules (Blood of Eden) by Julie Kagawa

May 8th:
  City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare

June 1st:
  Lethal Riders (Lords of Deliverance) by Larissa Ione

June 26th:
  Once Burned (Night Prince, book 1) by Jeaniene Frost

July 10th:
  Shadow of Night  by Deborah Harkness

Happy Reading !!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Witched (A Novella) H.P. Mallory

Kiki's Rating:  4 Stars

This quick little snippet shows us into the mind of Rand for one short, and I mean short, moment.  It occurs during the time when Jolie is staying with him while the Fey King, the wolves, and especially Sinjin are preparing for battle.  It shows the movements of Jolie thru Rand's eyes.  You get to see his true feelings and have a better understanding why he refused to bind with her.  But now that we know how the story progressed I was hoping for a little more insight other than some hot seconds followed with jealousy.  The novella is almost too short and I was holding out for more.  Don't get me wrong, H.P. Mallory did her job and left me wanting, and waiting on the edge of my seat, for the next book.  I do feel this book is worth the read and you should definitely pick it up.

~Happy Reading

Third Grave Dead Ahead

Kiki Rating:  5 stars (if I could give 10 I would)

What can I say, but Charley does it again. With sleep deprivation going on two weeks, the snarky grim reaper, attracts all kinds of mischief and some interesting new friends as she seeks out Reyes' "father" who is supposed to be dead. That paired with the impending war between heaven and hell, a guardian who's death will be directly related to Charley, and a nun who talks with the angels, no wonder coffee and Cookie aren't enough to keep Charley from hallucinating dead gilrs with knives as hood ornaments. This book is "all kinds of crazy on crackers". It will have you laughing until you cry in-between fanning yourself from all the smouldering, hot moments with our two favorite men. I loved, loved the ending even though I'm depressed that it had to end. Can't wait for the next book in the series!

~Happy Reading

***UPDATED*** "Barely Breathing" By Rebecca Donnovan

Kiki's Rating:  4 stars

"Breathe for Me.""

"The words one guy whispers into the ear of the girl he loves. A girl he will do anything for. A girl he will never leave, again."
~Rebecca Donovan

Barely Breathing (The Breathing Series #2)

I have now finished reading this book twice...and I am glad I went back for the re-read because at first I was so frustrated that I would have been unfair in my review.  But after reading again I have come to terms with the decisions that were made.  Make no mistake, this book was written beautifully. This is what Rebecca Donovan does best, she draws you in and you become emotionally invested in the characters.  To the point you want to reach in and grab them, even yell "can't you see what is right in front of you".  She takes a risk that you might hate what you are reading, but in the end you know...this book is real. We don't dance around topics and come to happy ever after endings.  The characters make mistakes, frustrate the hell out of us, and move to real decisions.  We all get caught up in the fairy tale and want something beautiful, but that isn't what usually happens in real life.

Our story doesn't pick right up after "Reason to Breathe", but after Carol's trial and Emma's refusal to want anything to do with it.  I was a little disappointed because that was the one thing I wanted to read, but understand it's the one thing Emma wanted to avoid.  Someone wanted her dead, and that someone was supposed to be her family.  How do you move on with that weight on your shoulders.  This second installment shows just how messed up Emma is and how she struggles to find out who she really wants to be.  With everyone in your world now knowing the one secret you almost died to hide, what do you do?  Evan is still beautiful standing by Emma's side riding the waves of emotions that not only he feels, but the ones that are thrown at him.  Sara is still a rock hard Emma supporter that we expected her to be. The other cast of characters add to the story and make it even stronger.  Each one bringing something to the plate that is much needed in the plot.

 There were some twists this time around that I was NOT expecting, especially at the end. You could say it was again a cliff hanger, but I say it's right on track.  I found myself so drained and upset at the end, angry with Evan and angrier with Emma.  But isn't that exactly where we should be as readers? Isn't that the plan? OK, Ms. Donovan, you win again.  I can't wait to see where this road takes me.

~Happy Reading