About Us

Kiki and Jules have been partners in crime and best friends for over 14 years. Their main hobby is reading, by hardback, paperback or of course their handy Kindles. They can talk for hours about books, and get the big eye rolls and "Really !! Don't you guys talk about anything else!" from their kids..... They both have a huge love of animals. Jules has a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Bella and a fat black cat named Bandit. Kiki has a Jack Russel named Baxter and a Cocker-Chiuaua mix named Lexi. They both believe in family above anything else, with great love for their children. With Jules husband Chris off serving our country in Afghanistan, reading has become her escape.  And Kiki uses her reading to wind down from an adventurous day teaching her students.

Paranormal and Paranormal Romance is the preferred reading adventures they like to take, but every so often they walk on the wild side with another genre.  Recently they have decided to add author to the many hats they already wear.  Their new series All Things Enchanted is slowly moving along, so watch out for it soon.

With this blog Kiki and Jules hope to have some fun and share their love of books, family, and other fun topics with you.  Their plan is to give honest reviews, some juicy insights, or tidbits they have picked up on their favorite authors or pins.  If you have a book you would like them to review please visit the "contact us" page.  If you have any other fun or juicy information please send that along as well!!

Enjoy & Happy Reading!!
Kiki & Jules