Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Read

Hello All, hope you are having a great summer !!!

Here are a some books I've been reading and really liked, and will re-read in the future.

By Heather Killough-Walden: My ratings 4.5 Stars

      Avenger's Angel  book 1
      Messenger's Angel  book 2
      Death's Angel    book 3 and is due out Nov 1, 2012

I will be starting The Chosen Soul  book1, and Drake of Tanith  book 2 this week.
Big fan of Heather's books, I love her Big Bad Wolf series (read twice already), and her spin offs. You will need to read the series in order. All the books are action packed paranormal, and very sexy fast reads.

By Dannika Dark: My ratings are 4 stars

     Sterling ( Mageri Series, book 1)
     Twist    ( Mageri Series, book 2)

 Book 3 will be out this fall, and I can't wait to read it !!!  Dannika's book are a very different take on Urban Fantasy. I really enjoyed them and read both books in 2 1/2 days. Her cast of males are so great, you can not decide who to like the most.

Happy Reading !!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeaniene Frost!!

It's Jeaniene Frost's Birthday and she is "paying it forward" with all of her fans by offering presents on her special day!  She is offering 4 arc copies of "Once Burned" and 25 fans get bracelets of these favorite characters.  Click on the link above to go straight to her page to read the rules and how to enter.

Good Luck
Happy Birthday Jeaniene!!

~Kiki & Jules

Shadow of Night Giveaway by Tales of the Ravenous Reader

Watch out ladies...there is a Shadow of Night giveaway on Tales of the Ravenous Reader!!
This site is offering a signed copy of the  most anticipated book of the summer!!  How excited are we?  I follow this blog and am happy to announce that I most definitely entered this contest.

So check it out...and Good Luck!!

Happy Reading

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go Zuuzs...For All Your Mom Needs!

 All you moms out there, I have a new group of sites for you. I am getting ready to start writing articles for moms like us on zuuzSavvy! This site is for all sorts of info for moms. Go there to check out anything from tech tips, top vacations stops, how to balance work and family, or how to get that "me" time. These aren't fluff pieces ladies, but quality tips and advice for us busy moms. I am very excited to join this group of writers and look forward to writing my first article! Know for sure that a little bit of Kiki is sure to show thru on my pieces.

zuuzs - one word, so many possibilities

But Zuuzs doesn't stop there. "zuuzs is owned by Nectar Online Media, Inc., a group dedicated to creating unique shopping and social experiences just for you!" at you can find a new shopping site geared toward women. Here you can shop your favorite stores, share your shopping secrets, get shopping tips and coupons, plus earn cash back.

 And for us ladies who love fashion, either from the runway or from the rack, you will find the trends here at zuuzStyle. This site takes our love for shopping and brings back down to earth. Find your style tips and shopping trends in one stop. My favorite spot is the "Deals" section where these ladies give us the low down on where to find those grat deals we all love!

 So come on over at check it all 3 out...let me know what you think.
 I'll be sure to keep you updated on all my zuuSavvy articles...
 Happy Tip Finding

...feel free to follow zuuzSavvy on Facebook and Twitter
Image Credits to Nectar Online Media, Inc.

At the Movies !!!

   While on vacation, Kiki, Megan, and I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. It was fabulous!! I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Charlize Theron as Raveena the evil Queen, is so riveting. She has to be the most evil, twisted, scary queen ever. She was fabulous!!! Chris Hemsworth was a really good huntsman, and very nice eye candy. Kristen Stewart as Snow White was really good. I loved that Snow White kicked some butt. If you like a twisted outlook on fairy tales, you'll love this movie. It made me jump out of my seat a few times. My 9 year old daughter loved it also.

Megan and I will be going to see Madagascar 3 this week, and of course Brave, that comes out June 22nd.
I want to see Rock of Ages, June 15th....I will have to see if Kiki and I can fit that in soon.

On DVD, if you have not seen Sherlock Holmes A Game of it, rent it, watch it. Its as good as the 1st movie if not better.  Can't wait for mine to come this week. Of course since I'm such a good wife, I'll be mailing the extra copy to my hubby so he has something to watch overseas :)

If there are any great movies coming out that you can recommend, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Upcoming Reads

Summer is here!!! Just got back from vacation with Kiki. My daughter turns 10 in July, she likes to say she will be a decade old. My husband is on his 3rd tour to Afghanistan.  I received my early birthday present to me, from me, of my cardigan corgi in an English garden. Painted by folk artist Vanessa Keys, and its wonderful !!

So what do I do to get away from daily stress, well of course I read, read, read !!
Here are some of my upcoming favorites.

June 26th ladies, for Once Burned and  Wicked Nights, have you looked at these covers......... Yummmmm.
July 10th for Shadow of Night and Keeping Secret !!!!

These are 4 of my very favorite series, from my favorite authors. Of course reviews to come after I read them :)

Happy Reading
~ Jules

Along Came A Demon by Linda Welch

Kiki's Rating - 4 stars

"Along Came A Demon" is the first in the "Whisperings" series by Linda Welch.  I received the first to the series thru Pixel of Ink, but quickly found myself buying the next at Amazon right after.  This quick read dives into the paranormal world through Tiff Banks.  She's a gun-toting, kick-butt heroine who works for the Clarion PD as their psychic consultant.  Only thing is she's not psychic...she just can talk to ghosts.  She communicates with the violently slain and has a knack at spotting "Otherworldly" creatures, that she calls demons whether they are or not.

In this first of the series we get a little character development with a lot of room to grow.  We meet Tiff (never Tiffany), her two ghostly roomates Jack and Mel, her bestie Mike from the Clarion PD, and of course her hell on wheels terrior.  In this installment Tiff is in search of a little boy who has gone missing since the death of his mother.  The twist is that "mom" was visited by a demon at her death and doesn't appear to be murdered.  And furthermore for her to "come visit" Tiff is just plain odd.  So what is a girl to do?  Be forced to work with another demon from the police force.  Too bad Tiff has an instant distrust for all things demon related or this new partner might just be the man of her dreams.

Royal Mortensen is one of the best cops out there.  No one knows he's a demon, nor do they know his real reason for jumping from department to department.  All they know is that he can get the job done.  Now Roayl is tacked onto his new PD's local psychic, but this isn't your run of the mill clairvoyent, she can read him.  She knows what he is and she is pissed!!  Roayl should just cut his losses, right?  But what if she is the only one who can find Lawrence?  And why does she bring out his innermost protective demoness?

Read the book and find out just where this case leads Tiff and Roayl!!

Happy Reading

Summer of Re-Reads

So far this early summer has been full of re-reads.  With the new Deborah Harkness book coming out in July and the new Vlad series coming from Jeaniene Frost at the end of June, Jules and I have been re-reading their books.  It is amazning how you can get into both series and read not once, but twice or even three times and still be engaged.  I still laughed my hiney off with the banter between Cat and Bones.  One of my favorite lines is when Vlad talks about pre-inflamation and about it being embarrasing.  It even got a chuckle from Bones. And what about the love between Diana and Matthew...ahhhh.  We just finished re-reading ADOW while on vacation.  It was the perfect beach companion!!  Jules and I found ourselves so wrapped up in the story all over again that each time we had to put the book down to go somewhere we half pouted.  To say we are eager for the next releases is an understatment!!!

These ladies are some seriously great authors.  If you haven't checked them out, do so NOW!!
Happy Reading

Time To Catch Up...Falling Immortality

It has been a wild and crazy year....with lots of reading.  We have many post to get to you and are determined to start writing every day.  As they say "We are back in business!!"

First and foremost I want to start off this summer of reviews with a new writer, Robert Downs.  Downs writes outside of my genre, but his womanizing, old-school sarcastic PI, Casey Holden, had me turning the pages as quickly as they would go.  I loved how this PI doesn't solve cases because of the money, but for more of the challenge of hunt.  In "Falling Immortality" Holden gets one doosey of a case when Felicity Farren asks him to solve the cold case of who killed her husband.  This enigmatic woman adds just the right flare to intrique our puzzle solving hero.  Oh, also, watch out ladies, this hunk of a man isn't just your average Joe Friday, he has a bad-boy rep between the sheets to boot where not one girl is enough to satisfy. 

I truly did enjoy this book, but not for my usual love of sarcasm or a good mystery/puzzle, but for the bro relationship between Holden and Ian Jackard.  These two banter back and forth with the like of Holmes and Watson!!  They bring out the absolute worst in each other, but still can't live with out one another.  I don't feel the book, nor the case would have been the same without Ian in it.

So start your summer off right with this quick of many I'm sure are to come!!

Happy Reading