Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Aisling Grey Guardian Series by Katie MacAlister

You Slay Me

Kiki's Rating: 5 Stars

Thank goodness for Half Priced Books or else I would have never found this wonderful author and series! I have entered into the world of of Magic, Mayhem, and Dragons! I didn't picture myself as a follower of dragons or dragon folklore, that is until I read MacAlister's books.  If I would have know how delicious and sexy dragons could be I would have signed up long ago.

MacAlister has a sarcastic and witty style to her writing that reminds me of J.R. Ward.  Her books follow along very similar to that of the style of Ward.  Like Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, MacAlister's series follows along a main plot throughout even though the narrator may change.  So as we move from book to book we get the inside story behind the different dragon septs and their mates, but still get flashes of our original favorite characters.  So do not be deceived thinking that the series has ended by book 4, but the story does continue to go on with the next group of books.

We begin our adventure with the first 4 books centering around Aisling Grey (pronounced Ashling).  Aisling is a Guardian to the portal to Hell, or as she is reminded all the time Abaddon.  At the beginning she has know idea of this position, that is until she runs into Drake Vireo.  Drake stumbles upon Aisling in the middle of a crime scene and throws her into the occult world.  This poor girl gets thrown from being an antiques courier for her uncle into the world of magic, portals, and sexy dragons.  She goes from a simple life trying to support herself and her leaching ex-husband to being a Guardian, a Wyvern matte (dragon mate), a Demon Lord, and is up for the new role as Venediger (leader of a group of otherworlders in Paris). All the while she picks up new and powerful talents she never new resided inside of her and a snarky demon, Jim, to help her along the way.  One of the most important new talents Aisling finds is the withstanding of dragon's fire, which in turn makes her Drake's mate.  But Drake is no ordinary dragon, he is a wyvern, or leader, of the Green Dragons.  Now Aisling is his wavering second. Even though Drake is sex on a stick and can make your dreams come true, literally, he is a dragon.  By his nature he is controlling, sexist, and the best, a thief.
Throughout the 4 books Aisling and Jim take on adventures while Aisling tries to discover what she should do about her feelings for Drake.  She picks up many new friends that help her battle the depths of hell, potential dragon wars, and at most times herself.

I breezed through all four books in two days.  I couldn't get enough of Aisling, Jim, and Drake.  With each turn of the page I was traveling off to a new world and laughing my hind end off with every turn.  The witty banter between characters and the exploits of Aisling will have begging for more.  I was sad thinking book 4 was the end of the story, only to find out I get more Aisling and Drake in the Silver Dragon series.  New narrator, but same wit and fantastic writing.

I urge you to check out this series.  It is worth the price of admission!!
Happy Reading

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