Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lots of Books to Cover

I have been doing a lot of reading, but have failed to blog. For that I am so sorry. So here is a quick run down with mini reviews.

A Chance foe Charity by S.L. Baum: 3.5 stars. A cute quick read that stars Charity and a group of Immortals that are one the run from some religious zealots trying to kill them. Charity and her family take refuge in a small town in Colorado where she quickly finds love. Now she has to fight to keep the love in her life forever.

The Secret McQueen Series by Sierra Dean: 4 stars. This could possibly become one of my top series. Secret is jus that, a secret, half vampire half wolf vampire slayer. She works for the vampire counsel as a contract killer. She has a wicked sense of humor and gets herself in the most wonderful delemas. Most of her issues revolve around matters of the heart. What is a girl to do when the King of the Wolves, his litinuet, the head of the Vampire Counsel, and her own watcher all are in love with her. This book has some kick-butt action and some steamy bedroom scenes. If you love Cat and Bones you will love Secret.

Fright Court by Mindy Klasky: 3 stars. Sarah has an unusual new job. She I'd the Clerk of Courts for the Night Court. When she signed up she didn't reslize what clients would be coming in at the wee hours, like vampires. She gets attacked on her first night and all hell breaks loose. But in the end she is determined to show her new boss, James, that he picked the right sphynix for the job. It was a quick read and by the end I was really getting into it, but it just stopped. I'm not sure if there is more to the series, but I hope so. This feels unfinished.

The Valerie Dearborn Series by Caroline Hanson: 3.5 stars. Val is an Empath. She has the power to control people's emotions and control them. The greatest control being over vampires. She is the last of her kind. There are no more Empaths, Fey, or Wolves. Only vampires. Then why is the kinfolk of vampires, Lucas, hiring her to find the Others? And why is her attraction to him so strong? This confused young lady goes on a quest with a lustful vampire and his minions when all she wants is a normal life with the love of her life, Jack. But Jack is just as willing to go on this chase with her. Where does that leave Val and how will she keep herself safe? This is a very quick read and leaves you hanging in the end. I dom't usually go for heroines that appear so weak minded and stubborn. I didn't really like Val, but I loved Lucas and his story. So I will keep reading the series to see his fate.

There is plenty more to come. Jules and I have the review for The Clockwork Prince. We read the book in less than a day! It was fantastic and caused me to re-read the entire Clare series.

So keep reading and we will as well
Happy reading

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