Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mai Tai One On By Jill Marie Landis

Jules rating  4 stars

This is a great start to the Tiki Goddess Mystery Series.
Em is divorced and broke, went to help her Uncle Louie to help run the infamous Tiki Bar The Goddess. Uncle Louie is funny and has a parrot who is taste tester for all of his drinks.

Soon  every event at the Tiki Bar or catered event, dead bodies start showing up, Police Detective Roland has his eye on the whole crew at the Tiki bar. When their Bar tender Sophie, who has a checkered past, is accused of murdering the victim's. Needless to say Em and the Hula Maidens are fast to prove her innocent, and find the real murderer. Much to Detective Roland's dismay.

There is a romance in the air between Roland and Em, hopefully we will see more in the next book. I love the Hula Maidens, they are so crazy and funny. Mai Tia One On was a really good read, lots of action and funny, I can't wait for the next in the series .

Don't forget to look in the back of the book for the drink recipes.......Yummmm.........


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