Saturday, August 6, 2011

On Dark Shores The Lady by J.A. Clement

Jules Rating: 5 stars

The first couple chapters of On Dark Shores had me sratching my head, I couldn't figure out where the book was taking me. Then it found its rythym. This book is haunting, dark and leaves you wanting more, and more. Some parts of the book gave me chills with my hair standing on end... I can't wait for the next books to follow.

On Dark Shore takes place in the town of Scarlock, which is being held hostage in fear of the moneylender Copeland, and his bodygaurd Blakey. Copeland is an awful, evil, vile, ruthless man, words can not describe how horrible he is to the people of Scarlock. He runs a thieving ring and a brothel, which he gets the money, and leaves very little to the people that work for him to live on, along with getting a cut from all business in town. He also harvests and processes Sea Angel jellfish, which he makes into a drug called Angel Feathers.  Blakey is an ex-boxer , who doles out the beating per Copeland's orders. You start off really not liking Blakey for what he does to the towns people. Then you find out how much he hates Copeland, and hates having to carry out his orders. He is not what he seems to be.... I kinda like him.  Nereia is a thief for Copeland, and not by choice. She does this to protect her much younger sister Mary . Nereia is very strong, smart and tough, She is the only one in town that is couragous enough to stand up to Copeland, which always gets her beaten. He has grand plans for her... that I can't go into.

Their are lots of charcters in this book, and story lines, which I'm sure will be explained in upcoming books. J.A. Clements does a wonderful job writing. You feel the terror, anger, and how helplessness of the town inhabitants . I love the fact you know what is going on inside each of the characters head. The book ends and your so wrapped up in the story and emotional, you can't believe the book is done.

I'm ready for the next book please !!

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