Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

Jules ratings  5 stars

What an enchanting and lovely book this was to read.  I could not put it down and read almost all through the night. I felt like I stepped right into the town of Mullaby, NC, and could see and smell everything that was happening there.

Emily Benedict  has come to live with the grandfather she didn't know she had, after her mothers death. Soon finds out that the house has secrets, changing wall paper in her room, and her grandfather is always looking in the dryer, and is 8' tall. Plus there is a strange floating light in the woods, everyone is very hush, hush. There is tension from the town when they see Emily, because she looks so much like her mother.  Emily is trying to find out what her mother did to the town and why everyone hates her mother. Trying to dig into secrets and live down her mothers pass is not easy. She finds a friend in Win. His family and her grandfather are not happy with the budding friendship.

Julia Winterson grew up in Mullaby, after tough teenage years and being sent away from home and growing up, she is back to take over her deceased fathers restaurant J's Barbecue. In the process of paying down debt to sell the restaurant, she bakes cakes all the time to call to her love, and the town loves them.  She has to deal with the past ,a boy she loved in high school, and the secret she has to tell him. She lives next store to Emily, and is shocked when Emily tells her she has seen the Mullaby Lights in the woods. But will not tell her what or who they are,and she must ask her grandfather.

This story is about love, hope, forgiveness and magic. I really enjoyed reading this book, and will read it again in the future.


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