Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enchanted by Rachel Wells

Jules Ratings:   4 stars

Seventeen year old Mandy is moving back to the small town of York Beach, Maine. Her parents feel its time for to be around her Nana full time. Little does she know, how life changing this will be, and what she perceived as fictional, turns out to be real.

Mandy is working at Nana's flower shop, Enchanted Dew Drop, making friends, has her first boyfriend, and is starting her Senior year at a new school. She listens to rumors that her great, great, great grandmother was a healer/white witch. Intrigued she starts to research this, and finds old letters in the antique chest she was given, along with dreams about the past and future. Plus a psychic in town keeps giving her cryptic readings. This leads to more mystery, hard questions and very hard decision's. Trying to make things right from tragic events that were done hundreds of years ago. Will she be able to dig deep down in herself to learn what her powers are, and lead the town out of the gray and into the light?  I won't give anymore details, you'll have to read this book and find out.

I really liked Enchanted, it is very well written, and the ending is great! This is a fast read, and you really feel like you get to know Mandy, and everything she is going through. On a side note, I was disappointed that her mother didn't play a bigger part in Mandy's training, especially since it is passed down in their family. There is just a passing comment from Nana on Mandy's mother's abilities, I think it would have been interesting if she had been more involved.


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