Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga) by H.D. Gordon

Kiki's Rating: 4.5 stars

When I first started this book I was utterly lost. I knew from the synopsis that somewhere vampires, wolves, and other paranormal creatures would get involved, but at first glance the story appeared to be all about teen drama surviving an abusive home. I didn't think I could survive reading another story about child abuse, so I almost put this book down. That would have been a HUGE mistake. I am so glad I read on!!

Blood Warrior is the first part in the series about Alexa Montgomery and her sister Nelly. They live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Alexa is considered an outcast by her peers, and she does nothing to change their minds. Her primary concern is for the safety of her sister. This protectiveness has been pounded, literally, into her head over and over by their mother. This special treatment was enough to make Alexa jealous of her sister, but any anger she felt towards her was short lived because deep down inside Alexa knew it to be true. Any boy, oh, boy was she right.

There were, in my mind, four critical parts to this first book that make the story, and also make me wanting more. The first part is when Alexa finds out that she is special as she kicks this boy's butt at school without even missing a beat. This is mega important because once that kind of information gets out everyone will be coming out from the wall to get you. This is when Alexa finds out that all those fairytale creatures like vampires and wolves really do exist and her sister, best friend, and herself are among them. See, Alexa is a Sun Warrior and the last of her kind. She is a very powerful protector and could quite be the savior of all creatures. No pressure or anything. But living seventeen years of your life without this information leaves a little bit of an identity crisis. That is where part two comes in. I felt the second critical part is when something attacks her at her home sending her, Nelly, and her best friend/boyfriend into hiding. They end up at a compound for paranormal creatures. This compound reminded me of Ancient Rome and the gladiators. It was beautiful there, but very dangerous. It was at this compound that Alexa discovers what a Sun Warrior really is and what she was meant to do with all that power, or so she thinks she should do. It is also where she discovers more about her sister and her abilities and how truly she needed protecting. Also, while at the compound the third part comes into play, Alexa meets Kayden. If only we could all have two or three hot guys chasing after us they way Alexa does. But of all of them I want Kayden. He is the ying to Alexa's yang. Alexa finds out that even though he stays in the Braken vampire house, Kayden is actually much like her. He is everything and came shape himself into what is needed at the time. He is a Libra, the opposite of what makes a Sun Warrior whole. She is torn with this information having already found her first love in Jackson, the wolf and her best friend, but she can't help but be drawn to Kayden. It is with the help of Kayden that Alexa truly starts to find herself and what she needs to do for all creatures within the compound's walls. That brings us to the fourth part, which is the final twist in the plot at the end. That part I am not going to give away.

This book is very unique from cover to cover. Any assumptions you had about vampires or any other creatures you might as well leave them at the door. This book changes all those ideas around and creates a world that I have never read before. I can't wait to read the next book!!

Happy Reading!!

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