Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teaser Tuesday...All Things Enchanted

Teaser Tuesday...

What better way to start Teaser Tuesday than with some of our own news...Jules and I have started our first series.  It will be called All Things Enchanted.   I am elated I was able to break Jules down and convince her we can do this.  We are doing this mainly for the pure joy in it and for our overall love of paranormal books.  We know we are no experts in the field of writing, but hope what we put down will be enjoyed.  It has been an enteresting journey thus far.  A lot more research than I could have ever imangined!!  I feel that my favorite part is watching our characters develop personalities, some dare we say too close to our own. It's been a hoot having our spouses hear half converstaions as we create scenes over the phone.  So with that being said, I thought we could drop you some pieces here and there letting you see inside our creation.  Please understand what we give is raw, and very unedited.  Heck, it may not even make the book.  We are ladies and do tend to change our minds.  We have no idea when we will complete the 1st book, but know we will be having a blast all along the way!!

So for this first Teaser I give you Flora:

.....She paused for a moment gauging the air to try and catch any resemblance of who or what caused the change, but nothing came.  Actually, she felt nothing at all.  Fear instantly struck her as she turned back to the counter that now had her tarot cards splayed across it, not paying attention to the tea soaking through them or even the prediction that they lay out before her.  Instead she picked up the spilt tea cup and turned it up toward her.
          “Ila,” she cried as she let the tea cup fall from her fingers and crash to the floor.

Happy Reading!!

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