Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ghouls NIght Out by Rose Pressey

Jules Rating: 5 stars

Ghouls Night Out is a great follow up in the Larue Donovan series. I don't think I have laughed out loud this much in a long time, plus having the creeps with shadowy things in the woods. Larue always has a group of ghost following her, this time Mae West is in the line up,along with Callahan's grandfather, and it is a hoot!!

Demons and bad witches are the name of the game in this book. A mysterious cousin Copper shows up to take over Brianna the black witches clothing store. Is he like the evil Brianna?? Mindy and Callahan seem to be under a spell again. The coven leader Karyn is in a spell binding coma. Oh yeah, plus Karyn wants Larue to take over the coven....Whats a girl to do ????

I'm not saying anything else, you'll have to get the book and read it !! Its a very fast, witty, spunky read, and I'm so looking forward to book 3.
Rose Pressey is turning into one of my favorite authors, love all her series, and always re-read her books before a new one comes out , and enjoy them as much the second time, as I did the first time. Looking forward to How To Date A Vampire.
Happy reading !!

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