Sunday, September 30, 2012

Full Moons and Other Scary Things

Wow, this past full moon really took a toll on Jules and myself. We have been battling with our schools this year trying to figure out the all elusive 504 plan that each of our children holds.  To this day and years of dealing with the plan myself as a teacher, I must say we do not have a hold on it.  This being said our blogging has paid the price.  Lucky for me my spouse is at home, unlike Jules whose spouse is serving our country in Afghanistan.  Nothing like handling the stress on your own.  My hat goes off to single moms everywhere!!!

Also, if that wasn't enough, my son Parker broke his ankle this past week at football.  First break for him and he is not at all please.  Neither is his team:(

And just to top it all off, that full moon pulled one more trick on me.  As unbelievable as it may seem, Parker and I were involved in a hit-and-run while on our way to the hospital for his ankle.  The front end of my car is gone and it will be a month before they can piece it all back together again.  The "awesome" man who caused me to hit a wall was nowhere to be found.  On the bright side, I give major points to Toyota!!  I hit a concrete wall straight on and only lost the front.  No frame damage and no injury to myself or my son.  Just some beautiful bruises as you can see from the picture below.  So if you are one that does not wear your seat belt, you might just want to think twice about that.  I'm ever so thankful for wearing mine...and whatever divine power that was watching over us that day!!!
(Don't normally like posting pics of myself, but just couldn't believe how my seat belt saved my life)

With all that, Jules and I hope to be back at the keyboard typing away because goodness knows that we haven't stopped reading and we sure have a lot more to say!!

Happy Reading and Safe Driving

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  1. I just thank God, you and Parker were not hurt!! It has been a roller coaster. Can you sat Jack and Coke please !!