Saturday, September 13, 2014

Unlit Star by Lindy Zart

What a more fantastic way to get back into the action than with this book. I can truly count on one hand the books that move me to want to take action or make a change. This book was one of them. Zart paints us a world similar to the ones we might find with Nicholas Sparks. Actually, this book reminded me of A Walk to Remember. But there was something in the plot to this story that takes the reader farther than that of Sparks; to something darker. I was moved!!

Rivers Young was arguably the most popular athlete at his high school until tragedy turns his world upside down. With scars encasing his body and his soul, Rivers seeks an end to his pain only to be surprised that it was real life that he would be living.

Delilah Bana has always lived for herself, never caring what others think of her. Actually, she felt sorry for those who could not look beyond themselves and really live. Which is why she is drawn to Rivers, and the need to save him. But Delilah has a deep secret that can crush not only Rivers, but her own light if she lets it.

This was a remarkable read!! I was so drawn to Delilah and how she approached the world. When Rivers asks if she dressed in bright colors and dyed her hair different colors on purpose to get attention, she replies that this was just  her and only they had a problem with it for reasons she didn't understand. If only we could all approach life with her confidence and strength. Delilah could always look past people's scars to see their true beauty. We each should have a little bit of her in our souls.

Speaking of strength, Rivers, oh my, does he ever show us what real heart and strong will are. I do believe he quickly made my top 10 book boyfriends, scars and all. His love for Del even though he knew the final outcome was nothing short of beautiful. I want to be loved just like that!

It is my hope that all the lovers of Sparks, or Fault In Our Stars, or If I Stay will take a chance on this book. I'm sure you'll never regret it!!

Happy Reading

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