Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back in Action

To say that Jules and I have had some rough times recently is major understatement. So I deeply apologize for the long absence in sharing. But never fear we did not stop reading. Surprisingly though, in the reading world, there also seemed to be rough times because we found ourselves rereading more of our go to favorites than what was out there.

So instead of rehashing what you all are certain have already  read and have seen many reviews on, I will give a quick count down on what moved Jules and me.

10. Chicagoland Vampires still rocks!! Unlike some long lasting series, this one keeps the hits coming.
9. Dannika Dark sadly ends her Mageri series, but never fret her Seven series is just as good and keeps us in the world we love.
8. Secret McQueen has finally made her choice, but will she get to keep him? Knowing Sierra Dean we will all be shocked.
7. The Relic Seekers series is a must read. I laughed until I cried!! Anita Clenney has a beautiful highlander series, but I love, love this one more!
6. H.P. Mallory is back!! Checkout her Better off Dead and you will see what I mean.
5. Jamie McGuire brings the Beauty back, and of course our favorite BB family, with Beautiful Oblivion, sigh, I'm so happy:)
4. Jeanine Frost saddened us by writing the last of the Cat and Bones books. Yes, I may have cried. But do not fear because her Beautiful Ashes series is out and absolutely enchanting.
3. Darynda Jones has taken Charley Davidson to the next level. Her unmatchable whit and ability to twist her plots into the unimaginable places makes this series my go to series every time it comes out.
2. Deborah Harkness ends her trilogy with The Book of Life and boy were we not disappointed. I was very let down by many of the series ending books, but this one took the cake. And it must be said that the open ending has me guessing here Ms. Harkness might take us next.
1. Cassandra Clare finished off both her Mortal Instruments and Clockwork series with a bang. And this time, yes, I DID cry. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without my time with Jace or Will. I'm at a loss:(

Alright, enough with the on to some good reading.

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