Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great Hexpectations (Dulcie O'Neil series, Book # 3) by H.P. Mallory

Kiki's Rating:  5 stars

H.P. Mallory does it again delivering another home run with Great Hexpectations.  This very entertaining story ran me thru the gambit of emotions and left me wondering how in the world does she keep coming up with this stuff.  This time around I was excited because I felt as if H.P. was reading my mind and finally gave me exactly what I wanted from the Dulcie series. Then she threw in this giant wrech and one whopper of a cliffhanger that left me picking my jaw up off the floor.

In this 3rd installment of the Dulcie O'Neil series, Knight, our favorite hunky Loki, has poured on all the charm and proves to Dulcie that she needs to stop thninking with her head and start trusting her heart.  As we all know, this does not come easily for Dulcie and she brings all kinds of drama along with her decision, but she agrees to give Knight a chance.  This time her leap of faith comes with a mighty big cloud overshadowing the new couple because we finally find out the reason behind Knight's "green eyes", and boy does that have some strings attached.  But Dulcie dives into the relationship in true Dulcie style, head strong!

The giant wrench comes in the form of the Underworld Courts who are nun too happy that Knight decided to skip out on his court hearing.  Of course we know it was for a good reason, but they don't seem to care.  So they pop in at the most inopportune time and arrest Knight.  This frightens Dulcie because she knows that Knight is willing to sacrafice himself in order to save her from any harm, even take the punishment for her crime.  So she does what anyone of us would do, she grabs herself a vampire and marches down under.

The remainder of the book takes us on a ride to what I feel ar the two most pivotal points in the book.  The first point, which by the way is my favorite moment in the book, is when Dulcie and Knight are in the prison cell together for what they feel will be the last time.  Dulcie lets out the big "L" bomb and tells Knight she loves him.  Knight then promptly tells her that she has to leave him and move on with her life even though he will love her always.  Who could do that?  Thank goodness Dulcie had no intention of keeping that promise, but at what cost?  At this point Dulice is willing to risk it all to keep Knight in her life, even make a deal with the Devil.  That's where pivotal point two comes into play, the cliffhanger.  I refuse to tell any details about the ending, but will leave you with this:  "Who's your daddy?"

Happy Reading!!

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