Tuesday, November 29, 2011

January Kills Me by Evan Katy

Kiki's Rating:  4.5 stars

It took less than two pages and I was in love with Samantha Rialto and this book. Many times I found myself I was laughing so hard and loud my children came in just to make sure I was ok. Everyone says they find a book that they can't put down, but don't literally mean they couldn't put it down.  I have to say this book I REALLY couldn't put down. I stayed up reading it and found myself in the middle of the night purchasing the second book in the series because I couldn't get enough.

Sam is a music teacher who has taken up surveillance photography to help make ends meet after her nasty divorce from an abusing cop-killing husband.  The sad fact is that her husband was a cop at the time he killed a fellow officer, and he was drunk.  Even sadder was the fact that Sam let him leave the house drunk, in order to keep from getting a beating, and many other officers blame her just as much as him.  All this doesn't help when the cheating husband Sam is following for a client winds up dead while she is on the scene.  In comes hot and hunky Ben Parker, Sam's ex-husband's ex-partner.  Sam feels he hates her, but soon discovers quite to the contrary as she finds herself knee deep in this mess he becomes very overprotective of her. Who wouldn't want Mr. Hot as their protector?  I know I would. Now Sam and Ben go up and down on a crazy roller coaster ride that has so many twists and curves that you will never guess what is coming next. Add in one hell-on-wheels best friend, Maxie, who likes violence a little too much, and you get one hell of a good read.

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