Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Way Behind!!

Wow Oh Wow, where has the time gone?  You blink and it's November.  Jules and I have been busy trying to piece together chapters for our upcoming series All Things Enchanted, and still reading away.  We have had several requests come in recently and have been busy reading them all.  What we haven't gotten around to is writing all the reviews....so sorry!!
We have on the board for this week:

1.The Carbon Series - a unique fantasy for any fan of Final Fantasy or anime.  I liked the story and LOVED the drawing...all I can say is this would be an awesome video game.  I told my boys about the story and the first thing they said was "when can we play".
2. The Iron Knight - the final book in the Iron series.  Jules and I read it in one day and loved every second!!
3. Great Hexpectations - The next in the Dulcie series.  Let's just say that H.P. Mallory finally gave us exactly what we wanted between Dulcie and Knight, but of course it came with a price...like an enormous cliff hanger!!!
4.  Athena's Promise - The first in a series about Pallas and all the antics that go on at her hotel in Zombietown.  Let's just say I don't know if I will be visiting there any time soon, but if I did I so won't stay in room 302!!

We also have several more requests that are coming our way that we are ready to read, so patience please as we catch up!!!

Thanks and Happy Reading

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