Monday, July 25, 2011

Split Second by Catherine Coulter

Kiki's Rating:  4 stars

Split Second is another FBI thriller in the Savich and Sherlock series.  To be honest I was fearful to read this book.  I was a little disappointed with Coulter's last book, Whiplash, and didn't want to read another book where Savich talks to a ghost or hones in more on his ESP.  I was delighted to find that this story was not to be the same.  Split Second has 3 sub-plots that take you on an exciting roller coaster not knowing which turn is coming up next.  I loved it!

The main story to this book is that Ted Bundy had a child and that creepy little girl has decided to follow in daddy's footsteps.  It is up to Dillion Savich, his but kicking wife, Lacey Sherlock, and his two new team members, Lucy Carlyle and Cooper McNight, to stop her before the body count rises.  Coulter keeps you on the edge of your seat as her chapters jump  from character to character seeing into each one's minds.  I personally enjoyed the chapters that let the reader get a glimpse into the mind of a serial killer.  The other sub-plots were equally exciting and added that Coulter multi-story flare to the book.  Lucy is battling her own nightmare as on her father's death bed she discovers her grandfather was murdered by her own grandmother.  But the real mystery is why, and what does a ring have to do with it?  Lucy has to depend on others, especially her partner Coop, when she would rather keep her family secrets in the closet, or should I say the "trunk".  The last plot is that of one of Savich's friends.  Mr. Patil has been robbed twice in a short period of time.  Each time someone gets shot.  Is it really a robbery or a hit? Savich is on a race with time to protect and save his friend. The title of this book really does it justice! The entire storyline is enthralled with the idea that you never know what is going to happen, and it can all change in a matter of seconds.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Coulter has a special ability to draw a reader in from page one.  You get invested in each character and tend to get depressed when the story ends.  I love how each of her books draws on the others, but if a new reader were to start with this book they would not be lost.  I do have to say that this book left me with a lot more questions than previous books. Does Lucy have more Savich like gifts and will she let Dillion in on the secret?  Are Lucy and Coop the new Savich and Sherlock?  There was a lot of foreshadowing that our favorite duo has about had enough.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what Ms. Coulter has up her sleeve.


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