Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go Zuuzs...For All Your Mom Needs!


 All you moms out there, I have a new group of sites for you. I am getting ready to start writing articles for moms like us on zuuzSavvy! This site is for all sorts of info for moms. Go there to check out anything from tech tips, top vacations stops, how to balance work and family, or how to get that "me" time. These aren't fluff pieces ladies, but quality tips and advice for us busy moms. I am very excited to join this group of writers and look forward to writing my first article! Know for sure that a little bit of Kiki is sure to show thru on my pieces.

zuuzs - one word, so many possibilities

But Zuuzs doesn't stop there. "zuuzs is owned by Nectar Online Media, Inc., a group dedicated to creating unique shopping and social experiences just for you!" at www.zuuzs.com you can find a new shopping site geared toward women. Here you can shop your favorite stores, share your shopping secrets, get shopping tips and coupons, plus earn cash back.


 And for us ladies who love fashion, either from the runway or from the rack, you will find the trends here at zuuzStyle. This site takes our love for shopping and brings back down to earth. Find your style tips and shopping trends in one stop. My favorite spot is the "Deals" section where these ladies give us the low down on where to find those grat deals we all love!

 So come on over at check it all 3 out...let me know what you think.
 I'll be sure to keep you updated on all my zuuSavvy articles...
 Happy Tip Finding

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