Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time To Catch Up...Falling Immortality

It has been a wild and crazy year....with lots of reading.  We have many post to get to you and are determined to start writing every day.  As they say "We are back in business!!"

First and foremost I want to start off this summer of reviews with a new writer, Robert Downs.  Downs writes outside of my genre, but his womanizing, old-school sarcastic PI, Casey Holden, had me turning the pages as quickly as they would go.  I loved how this PI doesn't solve cases because of the money, but for more of the challenge of hunt.  In "Falling Immortality" Holden gets one doosey of a case when Felicity Farren asks him to solve the cold case of who killed her husband.  This enigmatic woman adds just the right flare to intrique our puzzle solving hero.  Oh, also, watch out ladies, this hunk of a man isn't just your average Joe Friday, he has a bad-boy rep between the sheets to boot where not one girl is enough to satisfy. 

I truly did enjoy this book, but not for my usual love of sarcasm or a good mystery/puzzle, but for the bro relationship between Holden and Ian Jackard.  These two banter back and forth with the like of Holmes and Watson!!  They bring out the absolute worst in each other, but still can't live with out one another.  I don't feel the book, nor the case would have been the same without Ian in it.

So start your summer off right with this quick of many I'm sure are to come!!

Happy Reading

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