Thursday, July 5, 2012


As a local we sometimes take for granted the place where we live.  When Cincinnati was listed the #3 place to visit this summer, my first reaction was "What?"  Then I had time to reflect and look at what all we had to offer and decided "Yes, Cincinnati is the place to be!" Here's the top 10 reasons why you would come to Cincy:

1.  Right now Cincy is hosting the World Choir Games.  How exciting this is to have music from around the world take stage in our hometown.  I am very excited that my neighbor's choir made the cut and sang today. (Go Brianna Yarbrough) 

2. Kings Island!!  This giant amusement park has all the thrills you roller coaster seekers want.  This past month my favorite ride The Beast was named the #1 must ride before you die roller coaster.  And if it gets to hot hop on over to their new and improved water park.  It's our personal, every Wednesday destination!

3. The Great Wolf Lodge - right next door to Kings Island, this is more than just a place to stay.  This lodge has an indoor water park!  My boys love going to birthday parties here.

4.  The Cincinnati Museum Center - now showing A Day In Pompeii exhibit.  My son went for his field trip this year and he said it was awesome.

5.  The Cincinnati Zoo - home to two brand new zoo babies.  This zoo is rated as one of the best zoos in the US

6.  The Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals - yes, we boast not one, but two pro teams in our area. Each stadium offers great seats, good food, and good tours.

7.  The Aronoff - It's not Broadway, but it sure comes in a close second.  If it's the arts your looking for this is the place to go.

8. The Banks - Cincy's own playground downtown.  I personally have yet to go, but have heard nothing but wonderful things about the events, restaurants, and other attractions that are offered on the river.

9.  The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center - visit this wonderful museum dedicated to freedom and showing us all things related to the Underground Railroad.

10.  Montgomery Inn and Skyline - I know you don't come here just for food, but while you are in town make sure you hit these local hotspots.  We have family that live in Ireland and every time they come to visit these two restaurants are on their travel lists.  Montgomery Inn boasts the best ribs you can eat...even Oprah has them flown in to her.  And there is always a Skyline Time.  The best chili dogs and 3-ways in the business.

I'm sure there are many more things to see here and each of us locals have our favorite haunts. These are just a few.  So check us out, or if you live here like I do, be proud...we are a place to see!!



  1. Don't forget Graeters Ice cream !!!! Yummmm

  2. I also totally forgot about the Newport Aquarium!!