Saturday, July 7, 2012

Children's Birthday Parties

Kids parties, where do you start. My daughter just turned ten, and I figured this is a good time to stop the bigger parties(hopefully). I decided I would share some of the neat parties she has had over the years.

There are so many neat parties to have in the Cincinnati Area. Megan's top choices are:

The Jump Zone in Milford, Ohio. 5 Stars

   They are great, and all you have to do is bring the cake!! They have huge inflatable jump houses, slides, etc. They provide a party room, an employee that is charge of the playtime, and then serving the cake. They take care of handing out the gifts, they write everything down for you for thank you notes. Your child gets to sit on a big inflatable throne with whoever gave them the gift while its being opened. You can also have a pizza party, and they do nice party favors. Its great !! Megan has had 2 parties there, and has gone to a couple.

Mr Cowpies Party Animals, 5+ Stars.

 My daughter is a huge animal lover, and so am I. This was a fabulous party. I mean, who doesn't love pony rides and a petting zoo??? They are based out of Northern Kentucky, and have set up and break down to an art. They wonderful with the kids, and love their animals. The animals are in fantastic shape, very well loved and taken care of. 
Mr Cowpie brings 15-20 animals for the petting zoo. Huge range of animals, cockatoo, chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, potbelly pig, skunk, ferrets, tortoises, I'm sure I'm missing something..... Oh of course the pony rides, they have 2 ponies. Megan had Elvis at her party, all the kids had plenty of rides and Elvis was very sweet. Check out their website, they offer lots of other options also.

Mt Washington Educational Arts Center,  5 Stars
My daughter happens to go here for after school activities, they have really neat classes from dance to cooking, sewing, all kinds of art classes. Of course they have all kinds of birthday parties. Megan had the Glitz and Glamour Party. They get make up, finger nails painted, and a feather in the hair, hair chalk.  Megan picked to have high heel cookies to decorate, they also offer cupcakes. All the girls get to make a bracelet to take home.
 The girls had a blast, spent tons of time doing each others make up and finger nails. Everyone was great, and Megan has asked to have her next birthday party there.

Other note worthy places to have birthday parties are; Funke Fired Arts in Hyde Park, Cincinnati Zoo, Ally Beads in Milford, Ohio, Monster Mini Golf in West Chester.


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