Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Day at Pompeii

Kiki's Rating:  4 Stars

Yesterday, I took my son and my sister-in-law to the exhibit of Pompeii at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  I must say that I was very impressed.  Pompeii was a city in Italy that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The exhibit let us witness the life of those living in Pompeii, the artifacts that were dug up at the site, and some of the people themselves.  My son loved everything.  He jumped from item to item happily describing to his aunt and I all the stories.  He loved the columns, the artwork, and especially the gladiator helmets. Jackie and I were shocked at how well preserved the volcanic ash kept everything, even the food.  The ornate tiles, pots, and busts that were shown from the homes were so intricate and obviously done with great care.  Bowls and urns were done in beautiful alabaster and vivid colors or strong stone.  It was amazing to see all the advancement in technology with weights and distribution of wine and oils.  We loved how the homes were all about the gardens and artwork painted on the walls.  It was beautiful to see how the family told stories on their walls with their artwork.  You could tell the "family" was the core of Pompeii.  But by far the best part of the exhibit was the casts of the people found in the ash.  The casts held the last moments of these people's lives.  It showed their last efforts to survive something that they couldn't understand.  Many of the casts showed the clothing wrapped around the faces and over their heads in attempt to not suffocate.  It was very sobering and heartbreaking.  If you have the opportunity to see this I would highly recommend it! 

It was so beautiful it solidified Jackie's and my decision to go visit Pompeii in the near future.  Wish us luck as we start to save!!

Pompeii is only here until August and cost $19.50 per adult and $12.50 per child.  I found very few coupons, so it looks like full price is on the menu.  I did feel it was worth the cost.

I am attaching some of the photos we took for your enjoyment...

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