Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Easy by Tammara Webber

Kiki's Rating: 5 stars


 Yet another compelling YA book that pulls at your heart strings. This book was recommended to me through GoodReads and I am so glad I took their advise. It is a book that all mothers should read and then hand over to their daughters before they send them out into the world. This book shows you that loving someone is unconditional. It doesn't come with a price or a set of rules. Loving someone, though at times is hard and takes work, all-in-all it's a choice. The choice to love someone is "easy, Incredibly easy."

 Jacqueline fell in love in high school and made the ultimate choice to set aside her symphony dreams and follow her boyfriend, Kennedy, to college. Only once there she comes into the reality that college is very different than high school as Kennedy dumps her. For two weeks she gets trapped in her depression, missing classes, and slipping in her grades. Then a near devastating event occurs and an unlikely hero comes in and starts to save her.

 The story of Jacqueline and Lucas is sweet all by itself. I loved seeing Jacqueline and Lucas tackle their obstacles and find themselves. Jackqueline finds she has a great group of supporters in her friends Erin and Benji. And they both find that it is best, when you fall down, to get back up and try again. In the end I would have loved the story even if it stopped there, but it was the underlying plot that compelled me to give it the 5 stars. I feel very passionately about this topic and give major kudos to Ms. Webber for tackling it. Rape is not easy to weave into the pages of a story. It's a nasty topic that turns most stomachs at just the thought of reading about it. Webber doesn't just head this topic straight on, but has us look upon the consequences of letting it go. She reminds us of the stereotypes we place on young men and women. She places us with a decision to make; does someone ever "have it coming?" The answer, as she puts it, should be "Easy", no! She reminds us that No means No! She also reminds us that it takes bravery to confront the attacker, but ultimately it is our duty not to hide it.

 I can't say it much better than the author does herself. "Bad decisions, mistaken trust, physical weakness, or too much fear to act do not make an assault on you or someone you care about your fault. Ever." Tell...Tell someone! No one has the right to hurt you or someone you care about, but you do have the right to do something about it!!

 Please read this book and pass it on!

PS - This book does have some scenes not suitable for young readers.  I would advise 15 or above.

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